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"The Elan" - 1 Kings Cross Rd, Rushcutters Bay

A $3.8M facade coatings project, which is also addressing concrete spalling repairs, concrete crack injections, and water ingress issues to approximately 600 windows. The project is expected to extend beyond the original specification, as we are engaged to carry out flood testing to each balcony of the building, to identify or eliminate failed waterproofing membrane systems which could potentially affect facade coatings if not rectified.

Diagnostech Building Consultants have provided the specifications, and are also superintending the rectification process. Working with Consultants of this high caliber provides clients with the security they seek in obtaining long term remediation solutions. Trusted Builders on Diagnostech's builders panel, are some of the highest performing remediation Builders in NSW, who are exposed to Sydney's most complex and diverse rectification projects. The 'Elan Building" is certainly one of those projects, where tight management systems and long term remedial specifications are a must, to maintain the confidence we build in the prelude to works, and throughout, and for the years after we have departed from site.

The specification is for a fully integrated Ardex system, which is subsequently Ardex' largest single facade coatings repair project in the history of it's Company. As a guide we estimate 40 plus pallets of Ardex WPM 300 alone. Products and volumes aside, simply put, "The Elan" is an exciting project where our collaboration of expertise will once again deliver remediation solutions that is limited to our specialist corner of the building industry.