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We currently provide service to the following facets of the building industry:

Remediation - Strata Complex and Commercial Property Applications

Biltbeta are well known in the industry as one of NSW’ leading builders for remediation and large scale strata complex repairs. Our remediation service provides repairs on projects from minor defect rectification through to multi-million dollar reconstruct....

We have a vast portfolio stretching over decades, where we have been completing works for the following cliental.

  • All Major Strata Lawyers and their appointed specialist consultants
  • Building Consultants - Specialising in Fire Compliance, Waterproofing, Structural Defects, and Major Strata Complex remediation
  • Home Owner Warranty Recovered projects
  • Strata Managers across NSW

Specialist Waterproofing Installers

Our exposure to years of water issue identification and rectification has created a team of highly experienced staff in these areas. We cut out the guess work, and provide detailed and accurate testing processes, that give true solutions to almost any water ingress issue.

Biltbeta are accredited with Wolfin, Ardex, Sika and Equus to name a few. Our stable of in-house waterproofing applicators, are true experts in their field, who have been trained directly by Paul Ratcliff of BWRA Australia on several sheet membrane applications in highly complex scenarios. We continue to work closely with BWRA and their team, providing work they trust will be delivered correctly, across their often highly sensitive projects.

Strata Complex and Commercial property applications call for capable Builders able to manage the size, complexity and often politically charged environments where multiple stakeholders are active and involved in the repair process. It is on this platform, where Biltbeta excel, and have been successful enough to call this area of construction a major portion of our core business.

New Builds and Development

Architectural new builds, and development is a corner of our company that has provided work for over 2 decades. It is always exciting taking on new challenges, and executing difficult design intents to satisfy creative architect’s ideas. Our staff have the experience and expertise in understanding the importance of producing only the highest of quality finishes and bespoke solutions to the construction challenges these projects often present.

Over the years we have carried out new builds for architects, both in the commercial and residential sectors. We also provide a thorough design and construct service, if you need assistance with your design.

Come in and see us or make an appointment with Toni or Adam to discuss your new build, or development site where we can assist you with direction and advice.


Employing all our tradesman in-house is a major strength, and also another reason for such positive development within the Company. Ongoing support for Staff development, and regular training with Biltbeta's operational structures and rigid quality control systems, ensures all newly employed staff quickly gain the understanding required, to deliver the correct service which meets the high standards of our projects.

Within months of working with Biltbeta, employees settle into an environment, where even the 'apparently minor considerations' to a well run site, are realized and appreciated as being major considerations for successful day to day operations. Working in live environments on major Strata Complex repairs, is one example of how sensitive cleanliness, access protocols, punctuality and customer service is – this is why relying on different contracting companies to provide our specialist approach, is not the consistent answer we are looking for, and can only be successfully carried out with our in house trained team.

As Adam, the Managing Director has always said - "we employ your attitude over skill, as with the correct attitude, you will gain the skills, and in no time be part of a successful team"