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Lend Lease are one of the world’s leading fully integrated property and infrastructure solutions provider. Biltbeta are actively carrying out multiple projects under the project management scheme for HWI recovered projects.

Diagnostech provide building consultancy and structural engineering services primarily to the remedial building sector with an emphasis on concrete repair and rehabilitation, waterproofing, façade refurbishment, and structural repairs. Diagnostech cater to many aspects of the property sector including commercial, residential, strata, industrial, infrastructure and institutional buildings.

Paul Ratcliff is re-nound for his water proofing membrane solutions and expertise. His specifications and detailed Building reports are well documented, providing solutions to the most complex waterproofing and water defect issues in Australia. BWR are highly sought after Consultancy firm, providing detailed specifications, through to Litigations in the supreme Courts of Australia


Integrated provide a holistic, comprehensive and highly experienced approach to expert advice, consultation and assistance across a diverse range of client needs covering virtually all sectors of the Strata and Building industry across Sydney Metropolitan and Central Coast areas.